Benchtop, portable and handheld
Mini, portable, handheld OTDRs
Benchtop instruments
Power/Pulse Diodes
Fusion splicing equipment
Fibre termination equipment
Connector care and inspection
Sensor analysers
Advanced laser diode systems
UV light sources - spotlights & floodlights

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Active Devices

Active Devices

Optical transceivers
Fibre amplifiers
ASE sources
Laser diodes
MEMS devices
Optical monitors
Signal conditioning modules
Tuneable filters
Picosecond lasers
Variable optical attenuators (VOAs)
MEMS devices
Optical time delays
Optical switches
DPSK & DQPSK demodulators
Advanced laser diode systems

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Optical Network Systems

Optical Network Systems

RF Over Fibre
Media Converters
Video over fibre
Broadcast Systems
Workplace Networking
Building Distribution
Inter-Site Networking
Media Converters
Optical Switches

BBN International supplies fibre optics, fiber optics, 10G, 40G, metro, access, industrial, optical network
Passive Components

Passive Components

Fibre to the premises (FTTP) products
Demodulators and interleavers
Standard and hybrid optical components
Optical filter devices
fused fibre devices
Optical power monitors
Optical sensors
Fibre termination components
Optical fibre processing
Optical coatings
Special materials

BBN International supplies fibre optics, fiber optics, passive, devices, components