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Active Optical Devices

Laser Diodes

  • 375nm ~ 1610nm
  • coaxial, TO-18, TO-5, TO-3, C-mount packages
  • 5mW~30W
  • CW or pulsed
  • Analogue or digital modulation
  • Free space or fibre-coupled
  • SM, MM, PM and large core fibre
Agiltron Optical Switch

Optical Switches

MEMS, opto-mechanical, magneto-optical & electro-optical

NxM where N=1~24 & M=1~16

Lightwaves 2020 EDFA Module

EDFA and ASE Modules

Full function & gain block

Compact and ultra compact


For benchtop EDFAS and ASE instruments go to instruments

Lightwaves 2020 Signal Conditioning Module

Inline Optical Modules

Power monitors

Wavelength monitors

Channel monitors

Lightwaves 2020 High Speed Polarisation Controller

Signal Conditioning Modules

Tuneable filters


Variable optical attenuators (VOAs)

Polarisation controllers (PCs)

Reconfigurable optical add drop modules (ROADMs)

Star Opto-Electronics Optical Transceiver

Optical Transceivers

PON transceivers

SFF (2x5 & 2x10), TR (1x9 & 2x9), XFP, GBIC & Xenpack

FC, ST, LC, SC connectors

SM, MM (50 & 62.5/125) & plastic fibre

SONET, SDH, PDH, Ethernet, Fiber Channel & ATM

OC-1, -3, -12, -24, -48 & 192 SDH/SONET speeds

T1, E1, T2, E2, E3 & E4 PDH speeds

1-, 2-, 4-, 10-GFC Fiber Channel speeds

10-, 100-, 1000-, 10G-BASE Ethernet speeds

850, 1310 & 1550nm; CWDM and DWDM

Star Opto-Electronics Laser Module

Telecom Laser Modules

Analog & digital

Laser diode, PIN-TIA & diplexer modules

Laser diode with and without isolator

FP & DFB lasers

1310, 1490, 1550nm & CWDM wavelengths


Lightwaves 2020 Liquid Crystal Device

Liquid Crystal Devices

1/2/8/16 Channel variable optical attenuators

Single channel and wide band variable optical attenuators

Polarisation controller

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