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Inline Optical Modules

Lightwaves 2020 50/100GHz 4 Channel Intelligent DWDM Module (VWDM)

50/100 GHz 4-Channel Intelligent DWDM Module (VWDM)

Individual channel monitoring and power adjustment

Stable and accurate power control over operating temperature

User-friendly interface

LC VOA with no moving part

Low power consumption

Low insertion loss

Low polarization dependent loss

Tunable Optical Filter

Supporting 100 and 50GHz channel spacing DWDM systems in the C or L-bands, the Optical Tunable Filter enables individual channels to be selected under remote computer control.

3-port Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer

Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer

Using the same micro-optics design and athermal packaging technology, the Tunable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer enables individual channels to be added or dropped. Cascading two devices provides full add and drop functionality.

Tuneable Edge Filter

Using a low-pass or high-pass thin film interference filter and micro-optics actuators, the Tunable Edge Filter enables fast and easily controlled cut-off wavelength across the C and L bands. Cascading a low-pass with a high-pass filter enables tuning centre wavelength and bandwidth for a bandpass or bandstop filter.

Optical Performance Monitor

Using interference thin-film filters, a full scan of the C & L bands measures wavelength and power levels for DWDM channels

Lightwaves 2020 Compact Inline Optical Wavelength and Power Monitor

Inline Wavelength Power Monitor (IOWPM)

Lightwaves2020 Inc.s Compact Inline Optical Wavelength and Power Monitor is a physical layer inline monitoring device which enables real time monitoring and tracking of the optical wavelength and power of an optical system and/or a network link. Based on our proprietary thin film technologies and vertical integration capabilities, the monitor is designed to have unique remote functions as well. It can be used to monitor, report and manage the optical data and alarms through the 802.3 Ethernet LAN.

Lightwaves 2020 Miniature Inline Optical Power Monitor With LCD Display

Inline Optical Power Monitor (IOPM)

Lightwaves2020s Inline Optical Power Monitor (IOPM) combines a compact single-channel Miniature Tap Optical Power Monitor (MOPM) with state-of-the-art control electronics and firmware within a small-form factor package to offer real-time monitoring and remote measurement of optical power on the light path, and provide collection of optical power variation information and trigger the alarm when the optical power level is outside a certain range. The real-time monitoring information can be accessed via RS232 interface or directly via an analog voltage. The monitor includes a digital LCD display.

Covering the operating wavelength range from 1525 to 1615nm, the IOPM offers excellent optical and electrical performance, including low dark current, low excess insertion loss, low wavelength and polarisation dependence, wide dynamic optical power range and ultra flat power response over a wide wavelength range.

The IOPM simplifies the demanding applications in optical systems and networks. In addition to be used in telecommunication network monitoring, this intelligent Mini Inline Optical Power Monitor can be used in special networks, such as security, banking, transportation, and oil lines, etc.

Lightwaves 2020 Optical Channel Monitor

Optical Channel Monitor (OCM)

50GHz or 100Ghz ITU grids, C-band, L-band or C+L bands

High channel isolation

Excellent temperature stability

Single port or multiple (2 or4) port monitoring

High accuracy in power and wavelength measurements

Large dynamic range in power monitoring

Real-time optical performance or channel monitoring of DWDM networks
Optical add/drop monitoring and diagnostics
Optical power or OSNR monitoring for gain equalisation in DWDM networks
Real-time system error warning and alarming
EDFA gain balancing

Lightwaves 2020 Miniature Inline Optical Power Monitor

Miniature Inline Optical Power Monitor (MOPM)

Real time power monitoring
Low insertion loss
Wide dynamic range
Compact design
SMBus digital interface
Analog monitoring voltage output
8-pin DIP electrical connector
+3.3V / +5V supply

Network monitoring
Optical module
FTTx testing
Optical power measurement

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