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Optical Signal Conditioning Modules

High Speed Tuneable Filter NEW

The Lightwaves2020 Electro-Optics α tuneable filter is a tuneable optical filter to choose a specified wavelength in a certain range. The wavelength tuning is achieved by applying a control voltage. The typical wavelength scanning frequency is >5KHz. This tuneable filter can be customised to different operating wavelengths and scanning ranges. In addition to low polarisation dependent loss (PDL) performance, its thermal stability is exceptional with a TEC package.

Lightwaves 2020 High Speed Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA)

High Speed Variable Optical Attenuator NEW

The Lightwaves2020s high-speed Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) is based on novel optical material offering fast response in μs, in contract with conventional LC-based VOA with speed in ms. The dramatic increase in response speed enables the new VOA suitable for demanding 40Gbs applications.

Lightwaves 2020 High Speed Polarisation Controller

High Speed Polarisation Controller

The Lightwaves2020s high-speed polarisation controller (PC) is based on novel optical material offering fast response in μs, in contrast with conventional polarisation controllers with speeds in ms. The dramatic increase in response speed makes the new polarisation controller suitable for demanding 40Gbs PMDC application as well as polarisation Mux / DeMux. In addition, the new high-speed polarisation controller is ideal for fibre sensing in optical security, spectroscopy and polarisation dependent imaging in biomedical applications.

Lightwaves 2020 Mini Polarimeter

High Speed Polarimeter

Compact size
No moving parts
Fast response
Low excess loss
Easy mounting onto PCB board

SOP and DOP measurement and monitoring
Polarisation tracking and stabilization
Polarisation division multiplexing
PMD compensation
Fibre sensing

Lightwaves 2020 Liquid Crystal Wideband Variable Optical Attenuator

Wideband Variable Optical Attenuator NEW

Lightwaves2020s liquid crystal based variable optical attenuator (VOA) is a voltage-controlled device designed specifically for power management in optical networks. The device has a dynamic range of up to 40dB attenuation and wide operating band from 1260 to 1620nm.

Sealed in a compact coaxial package, 7.2mm in diameter, the VOAs small footprint makes it ideal for integration onto circuit board. In addition, it offers the benefits of no moving parts, precision attenuation control without backlash, small driving voltage, low insertion loss and low cost. The VOA is driven by either a 0 ~ 40V peak to peak 10KHz square wave or by a 0 ~ 5 V DC voltage using Lightwaves2020s easy-to plug driver board.

The VOA can be used for pre-emphasis of DWDM laser signals in long haul systems, power equalization in optical add/drop modules and optical cross-connects, as well as gain-tilt adjustment in EDFA. As with all Lightwaves2020s products, this wide-band VOA conforms to Telcordia requirements.

MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA)

The BM Series VOA is based on a proprietary micro-electro-mechanical mechanism featuring ultra-high reliability, compact design, fibre to fibre directly coupling technology, simple construction, easy drive, and excellent optical performance. The MM series VOA is fully compliant with the Telcordia 1209 and 1221 reliability standards. The MM series VOA is available in either normally-transparent or normally-opaque configurations. The VOA is driven with an electrical current or voltage signal; and the attenuation can be continuously adjusted with the applied signal.

Lightwaves 2020 High Speed Tunable Optical Filter (TOF)

Replaced by Alpha Tunable Filter (above)

High Speed Tunable Optical Filter (TOF) NEW

The Lightwaves2020 Electro-Optic Fabry-Perot Tunable Filter (EOFPTF) is a specialized filter based on the Electro-Optic crystal Fabry-Perot Etalon technology. The wavelength tuning is achieved by varying the applied electrical field. The scanning frequency up to 100kHz enables the use in fast transient test and analysis.

Many spectrum measurement can be made using the EOFPTF and an oscilloscope. The integrated EOFPTF does not need alignment in applications. A TEC package is included to have excellent thermal stability. The polarization-independent feature makes it very stable and repeatable without the need for a polarization controller in many applications.

Agiltron Dynamically Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Module (DROADM)

Dynamically Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Module (DROADM)

The Agiltron reconfigurable Add/Drop Multiplexer (ROADM) is designed for switching and routing applications in next generation optical communications networks. Based on a proprietary micro-integrated-optical breakthrough, Agiltron's ROADMs offer unprecedented dynamic channel reconfiguration performance of high speed, low loss, high reliability, ultra compactness, and low cost. The multi-port ROADM selectively adds and drops any or all of the wavelength channels from a DWDM multi-channel stream to a set of designated fibre ports, simultaneously. The module can also be integrated with EVOAs to individually attenuate optical power at any wavelength channels. The modules cover C and L bands and handle up to 32 channels at both 50 GHz and 100 GHz spacings.

Agiltron Tunable Optical Filter

Tuneable Optical Filter

Agiltron produces optical tunable filters with industrial leading performance and value. Based on a proprietary technology that utilizes athermal multi etalon cavities, our tunable filters offer attractive features of very low loss, unparallel low cost, set-and-hold operation, wide tuning range, ultrabroad band (visible to LWIR), minimal drift, and high power handle capability (10W). The platform is also highly versatile that can be configured into versions of free-space, detector coupled, fiber coupled with MM, SM, PM types, and four-port add/drop module.

Agiltron MEMS VOA

MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA)

The MM Series VOA is based on a micro-electro-mechanical mechanism featuring compact design, simple construction, easy direct drive, and excellent optical performance. The MM series VOA is compliant with the Telcordia 1209 and 1221 reliability standards. The MM series VOA is available in either normally-open or normally-closed configurations and with an integrated tap option.

These VOAs can be repackaged to be pin and size compatible with most VOAs on the market. They can also be packaged as an array.

Agiltron Variable Optical Time Delay (VOTD)

Variable Optical Time Delay (VOTD)

The NSTD Series photonic time delay generates variable time delay by selectively routes optic signal through 4 fibre segments whose lengths increase successively by a power of 2 to form a 4 bit digital delay line. The NSTD allows customer to splice each fibre loops, creating an increment of ΔT, up to the maximum value T (the total fibre length). The switching between each loop is achieved using a patented non-mechanical configuration. All solid-state configuration eliminates the need for mechanical movement and organic materials. The device is designed to meet the most demanding switching requirement of ultra-high reliability and fast response time.

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