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Advanced Fiber Resources

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Advanced Fiber Resources (AFR) was formed in 1999 by seasoned industry veterans. With our headquarter located in Hong Kong, AFR invested the factory in Mainland China with a working capital of USD4 million dollars. We maintain our sales offices in Hong Kong and U.S. And our ISO 9000 certified factory which is located in Zhuhai, China, covers an area of 32000 sq. ft. AFR has two divisions, namely Component Division and Optoelectronic System Division.
Component Division Profile

Component Division designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of optical passive components to meet the explosively growing demands of global fiber laser applications, fiber sensor systems and optical communication networks. We specialize in offering high performance components, modules, and subassemblies for optical systems and networks. Our advanced technologies expertise in optical passive components, and quality control systems warrant excellent functional performances, high reliability and consistency in our products.
Our Polarization Maintaining components offer excellent optical performance, high reliability & high ER which result in the development of high-speed optical leading edge products. Our high power components offer up to 20W power handing for fiber laser applications. Our 80um RC fiber components offer very low insertion loss, low polarization dependence and excellent environmental stability for compact sensor systems and communication applications.
Our novel manufacturing processes result in low insertion loss, high return loss and isolation in our isolator series. With precise control processes and innovative packaging, our coupler series have low EL, PDL, PMD and crosstalk. The unique structure in our CWDM and DWDM series assure our products of low insertion loss, high isolation and thermal stability. All our components feature expanded functionality, enhanced reliability, customized suitability, competitive cost, and compliance with international standard.

Quality Standard

We stress the importance of maintaining a good quality standard in accordance to the market requirement as well as to adhere with the industrial standards for fibre optic components and devices. We can provide complete database pertaining to product specifications in accordance to final QA results and ensure that all our products are supplied with a commitment to quality and consistency.

Products and Services

Our product range includes polarization maintaining components, high power components, 80um RC fibre components, optical isolators, hybrid passive components, couplers, CWDM and DWDM devices and modules.
We position ourselves as a valued collaborated partner to our customers. Our product development strategy is to offer a broad range of value-for-money engineered products to meet the stringent and specific requirements of our customers.
We will deploy our resources to continuously develop state-of-the-art design and technology in key fibre optics products, as well as improve on our product value matrix, which will better serve our customers on a timely and cost effective basis.

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