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Fibre Connector Care Tools

See the Application Overview for connector cleaning

Seikoh Giken FerrulePro

FerrulePro Automatic Desktop Cleaner NEW

Designed for volume assembly and production environments.

10,000 cleaning cycles per cassette of paper media

Includes holders for SC/FC/ST/LC/MU connectors and PC or APC ferrules.


HandiMate Connector Cleaner

Dry cleaner with non-woven micro-fibre
For SC, FC, ST, LC, MU with 0° or angled polish (not stepped ferrules)
500+ cleans per unit
Compact and light


Seikoh Giken Ferrule Mate Optical Connector Cleaner

Seiko Giken Ferrule Mate Optical Connector Cleaner

Ferrule Mate Connector Cleaner

More than 300 cleans per cleaner - less than 20p per clean

PC and APC polishes - one tool for all polishes

Flat, step and conical ferrules  - one tool for all ferrules shapes

SFM-250 with a blue tip for SC, FC & ST connectors - one tool for all 2.5mm ferrules

SFM-125 with an orange tip for MU & LC connectors - one tool for all 1.25mm ferrules

Scopleaner-5 Optical Connector Scope And Cleaner

Scopleaner 5

Combined scope and cleaner

Easy and fast - uses same tip for cleaning and viewing

Single-handed operation

USB connection for recording results to a PC

Uses standard 3M solvent

Seikoh Giken Repair Mate Optical Connector Repolisher

Repair Mate Connector Repolisher

Renews old & damaged cable assemblies:

Removes up to 10µm scratches

One or two step polishing

FC, SC, ST, LC & MU connectors

PC & APC polishes

Field optimised:

Rugged construction

Simple operation

Battery or mains powered


See the video presentation

See the Application Overview for connector cleaning

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