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Fibre Termination Equipment

Seikoh Giken Mega-Axis Polishing Holders

SFP-550 Mega-Axis Polishing Holders

Increased number of axes up to 40

High performance with Independent Pressure Control (IPC)

Increased productivity

Reduced consumable cost

See the Polishing Holder Buyers Guide here

Please contact us for polishing holders

Seikoh Giken SFP-550 Connector Polishing Machine

Polishing Machines

High performance polishers with holders available for virtually every possible connector including Flat, PC & APC polishes; ceramic, metal, glass & plastic, 1.25 & 2.5mm ferrules and custom parts. No compressed air required. Independent Pressure Control (IPC), Active Pressure Control (APC), LCD touch panel control versions (pictured) with programmable polish procedures. Suitable for high volume manufacturing.

See the Polisher Buyers Guide here

See the new polishing procedure for the OFL-12/15A family

Seikoh Giken Connector Polishing Holders

Polishing Holders

Independent pressure control (IPC) holders

Fibre array polishing holder

Straight ferrule polishing holder

See the Polishing Holder Buyers Guide here

Please contact us for polishing holders

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Seikoh Giken Polishing Films

Seikoh Giken Polishing Holder Cleaning brush

Polishing Consumables

Polishing pads

Polishing films

Polishing fluid

Cleaning brush for IPC

MT polishing kits of consumables and substances

See the Polishing Consumables Buyers Guide here

Please contact us for polishing consumables

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OptoCon Fibre Connector Curing Oven

Seikoh Giken Fibre Connector Polishing Kit

Assembly Processing Equipment







  • Fibre end processing kit

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