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Enterprise Networks


See a full product list with model numbers here

Microsens FTTx Access Unit
FTTx Access Unit (CPE) For Triple Play

CPE unit for FTTH applications

Triple Play for data, voice and video

Bridging converter and switch version

Optional ports for analogue telephones and cable TV (CATV)

Several fiber versions with distances up to 100 km

Cost effective

Smart design

Microsens PoE Injectors
PoE Injectors New

24 Port PoE Injector

1 Port PoE Injector

Manged PoE Power Supply

PoE Splitter

Microsens Fast Ethernet Multiport Converter 24 x 100Base-TX/FX
Multi Port Converters
Microsens Gigabit Ethernet Installation Switch 45x45 manageable, PoE
Fibre to the Office (FTTO) Installations
Microsens Ethernet  5 Port Miniature Hub
Hubs, Bridges And switches
Microsens Gigabit Ethernet Converter 1000Base-T/1000Base-SX/LX
Media Converters

See a full product list with model numbers here

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