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Metro Networks


See a full product list with model numbers here

Microsens Modular CWDM/DWDM Multiplexer
Modular CWDM/DWDM System

Supports all common protocols

Multitude of functional modules

Optical budget of 24dB enables reach over 80km

Microsens Multifunctional  Modular Multiplexer 8 Channel CWDM-/DWDM  1 HU
Multifunction 8 Channel C/DWDM Modular Multiplexer

Low entry costs due to CWDM technology according ITU G.694.2

Low initial costs - only the actual used channels are installed

Upgradeable up to 64 channels with DWDM technology

Protocol transparent for applications up to 2.5 Gbps

Optimized construction, therefore distances up to 80 km possible

Point-to-Point, Linear Add-/Drop- and Ring structures possible

Optional Line-, Channel- and System-Protection

Microsens E1/IP-Multiplexer
E1/IP Multiplexer

Multiplexing of up to 4 x E1/T1 (structured/ unstructured) or 4 x RS530 (X.21, V.24, V.35, V.36) over IP networks

Data rate from 56/64 kbps up to 1544/2048 Mbps

Additional Ethernet interface for cascading or for connecting a local network

Optional fibre optic interface

Available as 4-channel multiplexer or single-channel endpoint unit/converter

Fully transparent to all signalling and protocols

Integrated management via VT100, SNMP and Telnet

Power Supply 100-240V AC or -48V DC

Microsens Device Manager
Device Manager
Graphical view of the device status and detailed status information at a glance
Auto-discovery of all MICROSENS components in the network
Logical structuring of the network by definition of device groups
Clear listing in tree structure with “alive” information
Simultaneously configuration of whole device groups and all devices
Automated firmware update of device groups
Integration possibilities into other management platforms

See a full product list with model numbers here

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