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Patch Panels

  All patch panels can be supplied empty or fully populated.

Please contact us for more information

patch panelpatch panel
1U slide patch panel

A sliding panel design allows easy accessibility for termination and maintenance without removing the unit from the rack.

Rack mount patch panel  enclosures are designed for direct termination of up to 48 fibres (24xSC DUPLEX)


patch panel

patch panel

1U/2U telecom fibre optic patch panel

UKN Patch panel with sliding drawer (telescopes) allows easy reconfiguration and  access to splice cassettes and pigtails.

Adjustable mounting brackets allow panel to be mounted flush with 19” mounting posts or recessed.


patch panel

patch panel

WallBox patch panel (24/48)

The Cellco’s WBL series of cabinets are ideal for LAN, WAN and CATV fibre optic applications requiring a lockable wall mount enclosure.

The WBL cabinets are one or two door direct termination and splice solutions.


Please contact us for more information

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