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Transmission Equipment

HD/SD-SDI to Fibre Converter

Transmit HD video over 10Km

Handles pathological patterns

SFP transceiver for flexibility

Microsens Optical DVI Extender

Optical DVI Extender NEW

Extends DVI connection up to 500m (700m with 50/125μm fibre)
Long distance image transmission
High image quality and resolution
No RF interference
Class 1 laser product complies with EN 60825-1
DVI-D (Digital) single link
CE and FCC approved

Microsens Optical HDMI Extender

Optical HDMI Extender NEW

Extends HDMI connection up to 200 meters
Long distance video and audio transmission
High image quality and resolution
HDCP fully compliant without copper wire
No RF Interference
Class 1 laser product complies with EN 60825-1
HDMI Type A connection (single link)

Microsens HD-SDI/SDI/ASI Optical Transmission

HD-SDI/SDI/ASI Optical Transmission

Uni- & bidirectional transmission over fibre up to 80Km

Supports SMPTE, SDTi, M2S and DVB-ASI standards up to 1.485Gbps.

Video And Audio Over Fibre

Transmits up to 128 channels of high quality video, and stereo audio with additional control and data channels.

Please contact us to specify your requirements

Fibridge Fibre Media Converter

Fibre Media Converter Series

SNMP/Web managed/unmanaged
10/100/1000 Mbps
Standalone module or chassis
Optional single mode/multimode

Fibridge Digital Video/Audio Optical Transmitter/Receiver

Digital Video/Audio Optical Transmitter/Receiver

1/2/4/8/16 channel digital video optical transmitter/receiver
Optional 1-8 bi-directional audio & data
Standalone module or chassis
Optional 4E1 & 100M Ethernet channels

Fibridge Protocol/Interface Converter Series

Protocol/Interface Converter Series

E1 to 10BASE-T
4E1 to 10/100 Mbps
E1 to V.35
Standalone module or chassis

Fibridge E1 PDH Multiplexer Series

E1 PDH Multiplexer Series

Optional 10/100 Ethernet channels
Standalone module or chassis

Fibridge E1 PDH Multiplexer System

E1 PDH Multiplexer System

6U height, up to 12 slots, 24 optical channels

Compatible with 4E1 8E1 16E1 PDH Multiplexer

Management card supports hot-swap plug

Management card have one RS232 port for console management, and one RJ45 port for SNMP&WEB management

DC-48V power supply, 220VAC is optional

Monitor the port's status of optical port & E1 port & ethernet of local & remote device

Set Local/Remote loop

Set Alarm Sound enable/disable

Realtime alarm message popup

History alarm message management

User Management


155M STM-1 SDH EOS MSAP Series

63 X 63 VC12 non-blocking cross-connect


CWDM 1470nm-1610nm Products Series

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