Bench Top Instruments

Agiltron Fibre-Coupled Laser Sources

Agiltron Fibre-Coupled Laser Sources

  • Single mode
  • Polarisation Maintaining
  • High power
  • High stability 1550nm PM
  • Broadband single mode ASE
  • Multi-mode
  • Raman
  • Ultra-narrow line width

BBN International supplies Agiltron Fibre-Coupled Laser Sources
Light Sources

Light Sources

General Photonics Light Sources
  • Superluminescent Diode Light Sources
  • Tunable Lasers

BBN International supplies optical light sources
Amionics Benchtop Optical Amplifiers

Optical Amplifiers

Amonics’ EDFA range adopts unique design to produce maximum signal gain and saturated output power while maintaining low noise figure, enabling test capabilities in system or component level manufacturing and characterizing processes, as well as facilitating highly demanding R&D applications.

The compact turnkey benchtop or 19” rackmount unit incorporates a user-friendly front panel housing with a LCD monitor display, key switch, power control knob and optical connectors. An integrated RS232 computer interface enables easy control, diagnostic functions and data acquisition.

BBN International supplies Amionics Benchtop Optical Amplifiers
Polarisation Controllers, Scramblers, Stabilisers & Analysers

Polarisation Instruments

General Photonics Polarisation Instruments:
  • Polarisation Controllers
  • PDL Emulators
  • PMD Sources
  • Polarisation Synthesiser/Analysers
  • Polarisation Stabilisers
  • Polarisation Scramblers
  • Polarisation Meter
  • Extinction Ratio Meter
  • Polarisation Analysing OFDR
  • PDL Multimeters
  • Polarimeters

BBN International supplies Polarisation Controllers, Scramblers, Stabilisers & Analysers