• Proprietary tip sweeps and rotates 180° for widest cleaning area in the market
  • Jam-Free mechanism delivers fresh, pre-washed, lint-fee, micro-fibre cloth
  • Unique design provide controlled cleaning pressure for all ferrule sizes
  • Handheld, portable, light-weight cleaner (no power source)
  • Simple to use, operator controlled, push button cleaning action
  • Highly effective for both Dry and Wet/Dry cleaning applications
  • Designed for FC, SC, ST, LC, MU – Custom tips for Mil/Aero/Video
  • More than 350x cleanings per unit – Less than 5 cents per use
  • Approved by all TELCO Operators – Call for PID/SSI ordering info
  • Anti-Static materials safe for ESD sensitive environments
  • Fibre optic connector cleaning

Data Sheets

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Manufacturer: Seikoh Giken

Product Code: SFM2.0-

Product SKU: 53839000002132047

Product Description:

Connector Cleaner, FerruleMate V2.0, automatic