Electronic Liquid Crystal Wideband Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA)

Liquid Crystal Based Wideband VOA

Liquid Crystal Based Wideband VOA


  • Continuous tuning without moving parts
  • Ultra wide attenuation band
  • High attenuation range
  • Low insertion loss
  • Small footprint in coaxial package
  • Slow tuning slope without backlash and historic
  • High precise optical power control
  • Low cost
    • Network optical power adjustment
    • Wide band channel balancing
    • EDFA gain-tile and power balancing
    • Raman amplifier
    • Multi-channel OADM

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    Manufacturer: Lightwaves2020

    Product Code: VOA-___WB

    Product SKU: 53839000000925109

    Product Description:

    Optical Attenuator, variable, LC, 1260~1620nm, SMF