Micron Optics 4~16 Channels Interrogator

Micron Optics 4~16 Channels Interrogator

Micron Optics 4~16 Channels Interrogator


  • Standard, High Speed and Enhanced Visibility models, each with an available depolarised source and up to 16 parallel channels
  • Dynamic and absolute measurements of FBGs, LPGs, FP and MZ sensors from detailed optical spectrum
  • Deep, continuous dynamic range is available to each sensor on each channel, independent of differential system losses
  • Data verification key guarantees only valid output. Each data set is calibrated and verified against a permanent NIST traceable reference.
  • Proven reliability and longevity of the Micron Optics swept wavelength source, with over 100 million hours logged since 2000
  • Oil & gas (well reservoir management, platform structural health, pipeline condition)
  • Medical devices (probes, catheters)
  • Industrial measurements (industrial heaters and metal fabrication process control)
  • Energy (wind turbines, oil wells, pipelines, nuclear reactors, generators)
  • Structures (bridges, dams, tunnels, mines, buildings)
  • Security (perimeter intrusion, heat detection, security gate monitoring)
  • Aerospace (airframes, composite structures, wind tunnels, static tests)

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Manufacturer: Micron Optics Inc.

Product Code: si255-

Product SKU: 53839000004690313

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Sensor Interrogator