Optical Network Systems

Microsens Building Distribution Fibre Network Systems

Building Distribution Fibre Network Systems

  • 19" rackmount switches
  • Multiport converters
  • Modular converter system
  • Central power supplies
  • Pluggable transceivers

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Fibre Optic Broadcast Equipment

Fibre Optic Broadcast Equipment

  • EFP to fibre, 1080P HDMI to fibre, USB to fibre
  • Multiple solutions for broadcast signal transmission over fibre
  • Support for JVC, Sony, Panasonic, 
  • Neutrik Hybrid connector
  • USB, EThernet, RS422 media converters
  • 19" rack mountable chassis available

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Industrial Fibre Network Systems

Industrial Fibre Network Systems

  • Profi Line modular
  • Profi Line rack mountable switches
  • Profi Line DIN rail mountable
  • Entry Line DIN rail mountable
  • Entry Line compact
  • Ruggedised micro switch

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Inter-Site Fibre Network Systems

Inter-Site Fibre Network Systems

  • Optical transport platform
  • Access platform

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RF Over Fibre Systems

RF Over Fibre Systems

  • 10MHz up to 20GHz
  • 0.5MHz up to 6GHz
  • Bidirectional units
  • Fixed, switches and programmable optical delay lines

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Workplace Fibre Network Systems

Workplace Fibre Network Systems

  • Micro (desk socket) switches
  • Desktop switches
  • Converters and bridges

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