Optical Coatings

Lightwaves2020 Bandpass Filters for Spectroscopy

Bandpass Filters for Spectroscopic Applications

Lightwaves2020 specializes in manufacturing a wide wavelength range and high OD blocking thin film filters for spectroscopic applications.

BBN International supplies Lightwaves2020 band pass filters for spectroscopic applications
Custom Coating Service

Custom Coating Service

Lightwaves2020’s optical coating division develops optical thin film filters and related optical components for various high end applications, from medical imaging, spectroscopic instrumentation, Raman lasers, high power lasers, optical sensing, aerospace, and military & defence as well as telecommunications.

Equipped with state-of-the-art optical coating systems and its industry-leading and proprietary optical thin film technology, Lightwaves2020 manufactures and supplies cutting edge optical thin film products for demanding applications in wavelength range from 200nm to 2500nm. Lightwaves2020 always works closely with its customers in the design-in for new product development.

In conjunction with Lightwaves2020’s other technologies in liquid crystal, fibre optics, test and measurement, system integration, and automation, we are able to provide a complete and cost effective optical solution for various applications.

BBN International supplies Lightwaves2020 customer coating service
CWDM Filters

CWDM Filters

  • Standard CWDM (AOI = 0° or 1.8°)
  • High transmission isolation CWDM (>60dB)
  • CWDM with extended blocking (1250 - 1650nm)
  • 13.5deg AOI CWDM
  • 13.5deg AOI CWDM with extended blocking (1250 - 1650nm)
  • CWDM 4skip0
  • CWDM 8skip0
  • CWDM on grin lens
  • 850nm CWDM
  • Custom CWDM

BBN International supplies Lightwaves2020 CWDM filters, Lightwaves2020 coarse wavelength division multiplexer filters
DWDM Filters

DWDM Filters

  • 50GHz DWDM
  • Standard 100GHz DWDM
  • Low CD 100GHz DWDM
  • 200GHz DWDM
  • 100GHz 4skip0
  • Other custom DWDM and Band Separators/Channel Splitters

BBN International supplies Lightwaves2020 DWDM filters, Lightwaves2020 dense wavelength division multiplexer filters
Fluorescence Filters

Fluorescence Filters

Our fluorescence filters have high transmission, with transmittance higher than 85 % in UV, and larger than 90% in visible. (See spectra at the right, measured at wafer level before AR is applied on the back). As shown in the data sheet, we are able to make those fluorescence filters with very good uniformity. For instance, the centre wavelength variation over a 3” x 3” wafer is less than 0.5nm. This will result in much better image, especially in a system with large NA an large beam size

BBN International supplies Lightwaves2020 fluorescence filters
Laser Line Filters

Laser Line Filters

  • High transmission: >90%
  • Steep slope (roll-off to 5OD): <1% of laser wavelength
  • Wide blocking range (customer application specific)
  • Negligible temperature dependence of laser wavelength
  • Hard dielectric coating with superior environmental reliability and durability (for telecom application, meeting Telecordia standards)

BBN International supplies Lightwaves2020 laser line filters
Raman Filters

Raman Filters

  • Using high purity optical substrates with low Raman effect (data available upon request)
  • High OD laser-line blocking for maximum laser rejection (>6OD)
  • Steep slopes to enable measuring the small Raman shifts (5OD slope: BPF: <4nm; LPF <10nm; 45deg dichroic: <10nm)
  • High transmittance in the pass band (>90%)
  • Typical 6OD Blocking Range: 0.85λ0 ~ 1.15λ0
  • High laser damage threshold (>20J/cm2 @ 532nm)
  • Superior environmental reliability

BBN International supplies Lightwaves2020 Raman filters
Telecom Filters

Telecom Filters

  • DWDM
  • CWDM
  • GFF
  • Edge
  • Grin Lens
  • Fibre tip

BBN International supplies Lightwaves2020 telecom filters