Seikoh Giken SFP-550C Fibre Optic Polishing Machine With Timer

SFP-550C Polishing Machine

SFP-550C Polishing Machine


  • 'EZ-Maintenance' & High Duty Cycle
  • Special surface treatment is applied on turntable and support ring to extend parts service life.
  • Changed pressurising unit design for easier spring and knock pin replacement
  • Changed design of turntable and support ring to prevent water intrusion
    • These features improve mechanical durability and achieve reduction of maintenance cost in 1/10 compared to SFP-550B
  • High Speed
    • Reduced polishing time in 2/3 compared to SFP-550B
    • Increased production capacity 13% more
  • Compatible with existing SFP-550 holders
  • Exceeds requirements for GR-326 End Face Geometry
  • Uses the Seikoh Giken Patented rotation & revolution method.
  • I.P.C. holder technology yields the best results in the industry.
  • No variability in result when polishing 1 or 48 connectors.
  • Polishes up to 48 connectors w/ LC, 40 for MU, 32 for SC and 28 for ST.
  • Efficient and fast processes for all connector types..
  • Fibre optic connector polishing

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Manufacturer: Seikoh Giken

Product Code: SFP-550C

Product SKU: 53839000000926401

Product Description:

Polishing Machine, independent pressure control, 16~40 axis, manual