SFP-550S3 Programmable Polishing Machine

SFP-550S3 Programmable Polishing Machine

SFP-550S3 Programmable Polishing Machine


  • Auto Polishing Time Distribution
    • Automatic polishing time change as per use of polishing film providing stable grinding force and extend film service life.
    • Consumable cost reduction and more uniform geometry for better production yield.
  • 'EZ-Maintenance & High Duty Cycle'
    • Factory applied special treatment on turntable and support ring to extend parts service life.
    • Innovative pressurising unit re-design allows easier spring and knock pin adjustment and replacement
    • Improved mechanical durability and maintenance cost reduction in 1/10 compared to SFP-550S2
  • Multi Fiber (MT) Polishing
    • By adding Centre Pressure Module, the machine can be converted to advanced multi fibre polisher
  • Fibre connector polishing

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Manufacturer: Seikoh Giken

Product Code: SFP-550S3

Product SKU: 53839000000926381

Product Description:

Polishing Machine, independent pressure control, 16~48 axis, programmable, monochrome LCD touch panel