TRM 2.0 Test Results Manager

TRM 2.0 Test Results Manager

TRM 2.0 Test Results Manager

TRM 2.0 Basic Software Features
  • Generate professional acceptance reports including:
    • OTDR traces
    • Certification loss results/OPM loss results
    • Connector Inspection Results
  • Create certification results and apply Pass/Fail
  • Document networks to reduce maintenance cost
  • Increase productivity with powerful OTDR Batch editing
  • Telcordia (GR-196 v1.1, SR-4731 issue 1 & 2) .SOR file formats
TRM 2.0 Advanced Software Features
  • Macro/Microbend detection capabilities
    • Identify excess insertion loss due to poor installation and fibre handling
    • Detect insertion loss difference between wavelengths (≥0.2 dB)
  • Automatic Bi-directional trace analysis including
    • Bi-directional trace information in the Event table
    • Reverse direction test data for each event
  • Reports with Macrobend and Bi-directional trace averaging
  • Export .SOR file contents to .CSV format

Data Sheets

Please feel free to share or download any of the provided data sheets

Manufacturer: AFL

Product Code: TRM-

Product SKU: 53839000004812047

Product Description:

Optical Test Results Manager