Active Devices

Optoplex DPSK and DQPSK Demodulators Interleavers and Hybrids

Optoplex DPSK and DQPSK Demodulators Interleavers and Hybrids

Optoplex Products for Aerospace Applications

Optoplex Products For Fibre Sensing Applications

  • Optical DPSK & DQPSK demodulators
  • 90° optical hybrid
  • Optical coherent mixers
  • Optical interleavers
  • Photoreceivers

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Advanced Laser Diode Systems

Advanced Laser Diode Systems

  • Picosecond diode lasers (1~100Mhz)
  • High power diode lasers (~50W)
  • Ultra-fast detectors (~35GHz)
  • Special optical head delivery systems

BBN International supplies Advanced Laser Diode Systems, fibre optics, fiber optics, picosecond lasers
Fibre Amplifiers and Other Amplified Sources

Fibre Amplifiers and Other Amplified Sources

  • EDFAs, PDFAs
  • Gain block and full function
  • Pre-amplifiers and boosters
  • Benchtop and module versions
  • MSA compliant
  • High power EDFAs
  • ASE, SLED and SWB sources

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Laser Diodes

Laser Diodes

  • Modules and systems
  • Free space and fibre coupled
  • Single and multi-mode
  • Wide range of wavelengths, packages and power

BBN International supplies Wavespectrum, fibre optics, fiber optics, laser diodes
Optical Monitors

Optical Monitors

  • Optical power, channel, performance and wavelength monitors.
  • Spectrum analyser
  • Components & LCD modules
  • Lightwaves 2020 & Optoplex

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Optical Switches

Optical Switches

Agiltron Optical Switch Buyers Guide

  • MEMS - silicon micro-machine technology - small, low cost, wide temperature range
  • NanoSpeed - electro-optical technology - nanosecond switching, very wide temperature range
  • CrystaLatch - inorganic magneto-optic crystal technology - high speed, ultra-high reliability
  • LightBend - micro-mechanical technology - wide range of wavelengths, fibres and formats
  • SelfAlign - stepper motor groove self alignment technology - large port counts, low loss, broadband
  • Bidirectional, latching or non-latching, broadband, low loss, components, modules and rack mountable

BBN International supplies Agiltron, fibre optics, fiber optics, optical switches
Optical Transceivers

Optical Transceivers

  • SMPTE Video & PON transceivers
  • SFP, SFF (2x5 & 2x10), TR (1x9 & 2x9), XFP, GBIC & Xenpack
  • SM, MM (50 & 62.5/125) & plastic fibre
  • SONET, SDH, PDH, Ethernet, Fiber Channel & ATM

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Signal Conditioning Modules

Signal Conditioning Modules

  • Optical time delays,
  • Polarisation controllers,
  • Tuneable filters
  • Variable optical attenuators

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