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Optical Sensor Analysers

For fibre sensors, click here

SBS = Stimulated Brillouin Scattering

FBG = Fibre Bragg grating

FBG Interrogator

Compact & robust

Wavelength agile platform

Onboard data averaging

Namiki Optical Current Sensor

Optical Current Sensor NEW

Compact, light, requires no insulation

Easy to install

Immunity from electromagnetic noise

Measures currents up to 6KA

High speed response

Long distance signal transmission

Seikoh Giken Optical Electric Field Sensor Controller

Optical Electric Field Sensor Controller NEW

Acts as a controller and power supply for the OEFS-S1, OEFS-NS and OEFS-RC sensors.

FOS & S DiTest STA 200 Sensor Analyser

DiTest STA 200

The DiTeSt® (STA-200) is a unique tool for the evaluation of distributed strain and/or temperature over several kilometres. It is a powerful diagnostic instrument for the identification and localization of potential problems.
It allows the monitoring of local strain and temperature at thousands locations by mean of a single optical fibre and in just one shot. Its inherent high stability and self-referenced principle of operation, allows on-line or off-line long term monitoring of large structures.

FOS & S DynoSense 300 Sensor Analyser

DynoSense 300

The DynoSense 300 is a 40 fibre Bragg grating monitor and supports three function modes:

1) Wavelength mode: in this mode the wavelengths of the different FBGs are recorded as a function of time at a scan rate of 3,3 kHz.

2) Spectrum mode: this mode allows visualisation of the complete optical spectrum and is ideal for diagnosing the sensing network.

3) Fast Fourier Transform mode: in this mode the FFT of the recorded wavelength signals is processed online.

The system can be controlled with a standard PC via Camera Link or Gigabit Ethernet.

FOS & S Spectral Eye 600 Sensor Analyser

Spectral Eye 600

A portable fibre sensor analyser.

10pm Wavelength Accuracy

38nm Scan Range

500 µW Launch Power

1pm Resolution

Fast Scan time

90 Minute Battery Operation

RS-232 Interface Extended communication

Wi-Fi Interface


FOS & S FBG Data Logger

FBG Data Logger

10pm Wavelength Accuracy

38nm Scan Range

5 mW Launch Power

1pm Repeatability

Fast Scan time

16 Optical lines

FOS & S FBG Scanner

FBG Scanner (608)

10pm Wavelength Accuracy

38nm Scan Range

500 µW Launch Power

1pm Repeatability

Fast Scan time

8 optical lines

FOS & S Sensor Monitor (SM 125)

Sensor Monitor (SM 125)

≥1pm wavelength accuracy

≥1pm wavelength stability

≤50dB dynamic range

≤4 channels


FOS & S Sensor Monitor (SI 425)

Sensor Monitor (SI 425)

Stand-alone instrument that can simultaneously monitor up to 512 sensors

Resolution 1pm, fast scanning at 250Hz, repeatability of 2pm

Standard Ethernet port provides easy data access and remote control

Built-in, single-board computer with color display

Rack mountable

Three standard configurations with customizable, modular feature sets

FOS & S Sensor Interrogation System (SI 720)

Sensor Interrogation System (SI 720)

Useful in the design and selection of optical sensors and high-volume sensor interrogation systems.

High accuracy, resolution and full profile data provide comprehensive feedback on sensor capabilities

LabVIEW™ peak detection utility provides high resolution, high accuracy Bragg grating centre wavelength measurements

Whole spectrum measurement aids in understanding how sensors’ characteristics change under various physical conditions

Useful for analysis of a wide variety of passive optical sensors –FBGs, Fabry-Perot sensors, Long period Gratings, etc.

FOS & S Sensor Optical Switch

Sensor Optical Switch

8 optical channels

Fast switching time

USB driven

No external power needed

For fibre sensors, click here

SBS = Stimulated Brillouin Scattering

FBG = Fibre Bragg grating

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