Advanced Fused Devices

Fused Combiners

Fused Combiners

  • 2, 3 & 4 channel
  • Pump and standard combiners
  • 14xxnm
  • High power

BBN International supplies fused pump optical combiner, fused PM optical combiner, fused MM optical combiner
Fused Multi-Mode Devices

Fused Multi-Mode Devices

  • 1x2, 2x2, 1x3, 3x3, 1x4, 4x4, star and tree versions
  • 50/, 62.5/ and 105/125um fibre types

BBN International supplies fused MM optical splitter, 1x2 fused MM optical splitter, 1x3 fused MM optical splitter, 1x4 fused MM optical splitter, monolithic MM optical splitter, 1x2 monolithic MM optical splitter, 1x3 monolithic MM optical splitter, 1x4 monolithic MM optical splitter
Fused Plastic Fibre Devices

Fused Plastic Fibre Devices

  • 1x2, 2x2, 1x3, 3x3, 1x4, 4x4, 1x7, 7x7 splitters (mixers)

BBN International supplies fused plastic fibre optical splitter, fused plastic fibre splitter, 1x2 fused plastic fibre splitter, 1x3 fused plastic fibre splitter, 1x4 fused plastic fibre splitter
Fused PM Devices

Fused PM Devices

🗗 Introduction of Fused PM Fiber Components (Comcore)

🗗 New Progress for Fused PM Fiber Components (Comcore)

🗗 Polarization-Insensitive PM Components for Customers (Comcore)

  • Combiners
  • Attenuators
  • Splitters
  • Taps
  • WDMs

BBN International supplies fused polarisation maintaining attenuator, fused polarisation maintaining combiner, fused polarisation maintaining splitter, fused polarisation maintaining tap, fused polarisation maintaining WDM, fused PM attenuator, fused PM combiner, fused PM splitter, fused PM tap, fused PM WDM
Fused Single Mode Devices

Fused Single Mode Devices

  • 1x2 & 2x23
  • Single mode
  • Splitters, couplers, attenuators
  • Broadband, ultra-broadband, narrow band, dual-window

BBN International supplies fused SM ultra-low ratio optical fibre tap, fused SM optical fibre splitters, fused SM optical fibre WDM, fused SM optical fibre tilt filter
Fused Spun Fibre Devices

Fused Spun Fibre Devices

🗗 Comcore Special Spun Fibers (Comcore)

  • Spun-T
  • Spun-R

BBN International supplies spun-T spun optical fibre, spun-R spun optical fibre