Passive Components

Standard Optical Components

Standard Optical Components

  • Couplers/splitters & taps
  • Attenuators
  • Isolators
  • WDM, CWDM & DWDM multiplexer/demultiplexer
  • Optical circulators
  • Filters
  • Polarisation beam combiner/splitters
  • Faraday & plain mirrors
  • Faraday rotators
  • Adaptors, collimators & patch cords
  • Single mode, multi-mode, polarisation maintaining & reduced cladding
  • All standard telecom/datacom wavelengths + 1064nm & 2000nm

BBN International supplies standard fibre optic passive components
Advanced Fused Devices

Advanced Fused Devices

🗗 Ultra-High Reliability Fused Fiber Components for Optical Amplifier Applications (Comcore)

🗗 Ultra-High Reliability Fused Fiber Components for Sensing Application (Comcore)

🗗 Ultra-High Reliability Fused Fiber Components for Submarine Applications (Comcore)

Strong, consistent, ultra-high reliability components using Superfusion™ technology for sensing, optical amplifier and demanding applications such as submarine. Includes PM, SM, MM, POF, high temperature couplers, splitters, WDMs and combiners.

BBN International supplies Advanced fused passive components
CATV PON and Fibre To The Premises

CATV PON and Fibre To The Premises

Products for all stages and types of fibre to the premises networks, including:
  • Cellco 19" rackmount NxM splitter units

BBN International supplies CATV products, PON products, Fibre to the home products, FTTP products
Fibre Termination Components

Fibre Termination Components

🗗 Seikoh Giken Connector Buyers Guide

  • Patch cords
  • Adaptors
  • Attenuators
  • Terminators
  • Fibre arrays
  • Connectors & ferrules
  • Armoured cables

BBN International supplies fibre optics, fiber optics, optical patch cords, fibre optic cables, optical adaptors, optical connectors, optical attenuators, high power connectors, splice on connectors
Optical Coatings

Optical Coatings

🗗 Lightwaves2020 Coating Profile Presentation

  • Lead Sulphide & Selenide infra-red detectors & arrays
  • Thin film, Raman, fluorescence, DWDM/CWDM, bandpass, edge, gain flattening filters
  • Dichroic beam splitters, light engine optics, laser mirrors, laser line filters
  • AR, polymer substrate, ITO and UV/DUV/VUV coatings
  • Bandpass, optical & biomedical spectroscopic instrumentation
  • Defence, aerospace, medical
  • Optical sensing
  • Displays
  • Telecommunications (fibre optics)
  • Custom coating service

BBN International supplies thin film optical filter, TFF optical filter, dielectric optical coating, spectroscopic bandpass optical filter, custom optical coating service, CWDM optical filter, DWDM optical filter, Fluorescence optical filter, Laser line optical filter, Raman optical filter
Optical Fibre Processing

Optical Fibre Processing

  • Fibre Bragg gratings (FBG)
  • End shaping
  • Coating
  • Metallisation
  • Lensed fibres

BBN International supplies fibre Bragg grating, FBG fibre, lensed optical fibre, wedge fibre lens, angled fibre lens, cone fibre lens, fibre metallisation, OCT fibre probe, micro-lensed optical fibre
Optical Modules

Optical Modules

N-channel mux/demuxes, compact isolators, dispersion compensation modules

BBN International supplies fibre optics, fiber optics, optical modules
Optical Sensors

Optical Sensors

  • Temperature
  • Strain
  • Pressure
  • Load
  • Stress
  • Borehole deformation
  • Inclination
  • Humidity
  • Displacement sensors using:
    • Fibre Bragg gratings (FBG)
    • Stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS)

BBN International supplies fibre optics, fiber optics, optical sensors, FBG, fibre bragg grating, SBS, stimulated Brillouin scattering, strain, stress, load, temperature


  • Infra-red detectors
  • Infra-red detector arrays
  • Photodiodes

BBN International supplies fibre optics, fiber optics, photodetectors, lead sulphide, PbS, lead selenide, PbSe