Advanced Laser Diode Systems

Genki Picosecond Laser Modules

Genki Picosecond Laser Modules

  • Short pulse length (<10ps)
  • High energy (>300μJ)
  • High power (~100W)
  • 1030 & 1064nm

BBN International supplies Genki picosecond laser, high energy picosecond laser, high power picosecond laser, low noise picosecond laser
Katana Versatile Pulsed Picosecond Fibre Laser Diode Modules

Katana Versatile Pulsed Picosecond Laser Modules

  • High energy
  • Multi-wavelength (520, 600, 775, 1047, 1200 & 1550nm)
  • Pulsed (30ps~10ns)

BBN International supplies Katana pulsed picosecond laser, pulsed picosecond laser, multi-wavelength picosecond laser, nanosecond laser
Origami Femtosecond Laser Modules

Origami Femtosecond Laser Modules

  • High energy (> 500μJ)
  • High power (~4W)
  • Femtosecond pulses (<70fs)
  • Ultra low noise

BBN International supplies Onefive Origami femtosecond laser modules
Advanced Laser Diode System ALS NKT PiLas Pulsed Picosecond 375~1990nm

PiLas Pulsed Picosecond Laser Diode Modules

PiLas is a versatile, picosecond laser diode module designed for all industrial and scientific applications that require maintenance-free operation, continuous tuning of the repetition rate and low cost of ownership. Gain-switched operation of the semiconductor laser diode allows to emit optical pulses from 20ps to 5ns pulse width and peak power from 20mW to 1W in the wavelength range from 375nm to 2μm. PiLas can be operated from pulse-on-demand up to 40MHz and it can be easily triggered from an external source (master or slave mode). Every laser head is optimised to meet the customer’s specifications requirements.

BBN International supplies Advanced Laser Diode System ALS NKT PiLas Pulsed Picosecond 375~1990nm