Camera Inspection Microscopes

Domaille Optispec Microscopes

Domaille Optispec Microscopes

The Optispec microscope line offers high quality production fibre optic inspection capability for both production and laboratory settings.
In addition to the Optispec microscopes, Domaille also offers over 50 variations of adaptor connectors as well as engineering services to design custom adaptor connectors.

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Lightel Viewconn & Connector Inspector fibre inspection microscopes

Lightel Inspection Microscopes

  • Connector Inspector - The Connector Inspector video microscopes feature a hand-held probe which enables inspection of both patch cords and hard-to-reach in-adaptor connectors. Connector images can be captured and stored on your PC with an optional USB2.0 adaptor.
  • Digital Inspector - The DI-1000 and DI-1000L-PRO inspect fibre optic connector end faces, providing clear sharp digital images on your Windows PC. The DI-1000 and DI-1000L-PRO use Lightel's Series 2 Tips and come with a soft case designed to fit easily into a standard laptop case.
  • Viewconn - All ViewConn microscopes are designed with a ruggedised cover for use in the field, and built-in cleaning cassettes allow you to inspect and clean patch cords all with a single device. A USB output allows you to simultaneously view end face images on your PC.

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Viavi Inspection Microscopes

Viavi Inspection Microscopes

From Lab & Production facilities to fibre testing in the field, when people need fibre inspection, they look to VIAVI. Their award-winning FibreChek family delivers the industry’s best solutions to ensure that “Inspect Before You Connect” is easy and reliable for every fibre tester.

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Wi-Fi Fibre Optic Connector Inspector

Wi-Fi Fibre Optic Connector Inspector

🗗 HUXScope-Wi-Fi Video

Without the need for a wi-fi network the HUXScope-Wi-Fi communicates directly with Android or iOS devices to provide extremely portable fibre optic connector inspection with pass/fail software.

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