Fibre Inspection Devices

Camera Inspection Microscopes

Camera Inspection Microscopes

  • Combined Cleaner Microscope
  • Digital Analysis Microscope
  • Digital Inspection Probe
  • Digital Inspector
  • Wi-Fi Fibre Optic Connector Inspector

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Data Pixel Interferometers

Data Pixel Interferometers

  • DAISI V2 surface inspection interferometer
  • DAISI-MT V3 end face geometry interferometer
  • 3DScope V2 high speed interferometer
  • FiBO 250 fibre inspection interferometer

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Dimension Technology Fibre Optic End Face Interferometers

Dimension Technology Interferometers

Optical interferometers for measuring quantitatively the end face geometry and surface quality of fibre optic connector ferrules. The interferometers feature auto-focus, auto calibration and auto angle tuning for APC connectors. Interferometers for standard and MT connectors.

Measurements as quick as 1.5s can be made with pass fail results. Individual characteristics derived from a single measurement include radius of curvature, apex offset, fibre height and APC angle. The software also provides a 3D image of the end face with a resolution of 290nm.

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Fibre Inspection Gauges

Fibre Inspection Gauges

  • Gauges for ferrule and sleeve inspection
  • High reliability and abrasion resistant
  • Fine particle hard alloy and zirconia materials

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Optical Inspection Microscopes

Optical Inspection Microscopes

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Promet FIBO Connector Interferometers

Promet FIBO Connector Interferometers

FiBO Interferometers provide a complete solution for fibre optic connector endface testing and inspection. Combining both high-resolution 3D geometry mapping and defect detection into one system simplifies the inspection process and results in a more accurate assessment of the FO connector. Three models are available to address requirements for field testing, production floor testing and research and development.

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