Fibre Fusion Splicing Equipment

Fibre Cleavers

Fibre Cleavers

  • High precision
  • 80um reduced cladding
  • Various cleave lengths

BBN International supplies Fujikura, fibre optics, fiber optics, fibre cleaver, precision
Agiltron Polarisation Maintaining Fibre Splicer

Agiltron Polarisation Maintaining Fibre Splicer

The TUNE PM splicer adds two special manual rotary fibre holders to a regular fusion
splicer and combines custom software and hardware modification. In operation, the
axes of the fiber stress are simply aligned manually by visually matching the patterns
on the display, or by active monitor the ER. The fusion splicing will then be performed
automatically with pushing a button. The process is fast with ER>23 by visual
alignment along. High ER>27 can be easily achieved by actively monitoring the ER
during manual rotation.

BBN International supplies Agiltron Polarisation Maintaining Fibre Splicer
EasySplicer Fusion Splicer

EasySplicer Fusion Splicer

🗗 EasySplicer Demonstration Video.

See the EasySplicer in action in this video.

  • Fusion splicing made easy and affordable with the EasySplicer
  • For both single mode and multi-mode fibres
  • Splicing time of less then 7 seconds
  • Loss estimation
  • Pull test of performed splices
  • Built in oven
  • Easy to use and to carry along
  • Perfect for the FTTH installer

BBN International supplies SB Scandinavia, fibre optics, fiber optics, core alignment, fusion splicer, handheld
Eloik Fusion Splicers

Eloik Fusion Splicers

  • Portable
  • Handheld
  • Core and cladding alignment

BBN International supplies Eloik, fibre optics, fiber optics, fusion splicers
Fujikura Fusion Splicers

Fujikura Fusion Splicers

A complete range of very high performance splicers for virtually every application and with a strong pedigree.

BBN International supplies Fujikura fusion splicers, Fujikura fibre cleaver
Shinho Fusion Splicers

Shinho Fusion Splicers

Smart FTTH, handheld, single fibre, multi-function fusion splicers

BBN International supplies Shinho, fibre optics, fiber optics, fusion splicers
Signal Fire Fusion Splicing Machines

Signal Fire Fusion Splicers

Signal Fire AI-7/7S/8/9 use the latest core alignment technology with auto focus and six motors. It is a new generation of fibre fusion splicer. They are fully qualified for 100km trunk construction, FTTH project, security monitoring and other fibre cable splicing projects. The machine uses industrial quad-core CPU, fast response, is currently one of the fastest fibre splicing machine in the market; with 5-inch 800X480 high-resolution screen, the operation is simple and intuitive; Up to 300 times focus magnification, makes it is very easy to observe the fibre with the naked eye. 6 seconds speed core alignment splicing, 15 seconds heating, increases the working efficiency by 50% compared to ordinary splicing machines.

BBN International supplies Signal Fibre fibre fusion splicing machines
Skycom Fusion Splicers

Skycom Fusion Splicers

  • Core alignment
  • High magnification core alignment

BBN International supplies Skycom, fibre optics, fiber optics, fusion splicers