Microsens 19 Inch Rack Mount Units

24 Port Managed Fast Ethernet Media Converter

24 Port Managed Fast Ethernet Media Converter

With the new generation of multiport media converter it is possible to realise the media conversion of up to 24 ports in 1 height unit (1 HU). This port density can be reached also with the standard optical connectors such as ST- and SC-duplex.

Beside this high port density the actual 24 port converter has several additional features such as SNMP/web-based management, optional redundant power supply and auto-crossing integrated. The MICROSENS converter are designed for the installation into 19” racks. With this compact design it is possible to reach very high port densities in the central distribution racks.

The connection to the central switch is done, depending on the version, by Telco or RJ-45 cable. The Telco cables are having an RJ-21 connector with a capacity of 12 twisted-pair connections and offer flexibility and simple installation.

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Desktop Chassis For Converter Modules

Desktop Chassis For Converter Modules

Modular media converters from MICROSENS are based on the broadest available range of application modules for media conversion. Depending on the relevant application, users have the choice between over 100 variants. The functionality modules are installed in suitable cabinets.

In addition to the well known 19" versions for housing up to 12 modules, compact desktop cabinets are now also available. The new desktop cabinets expand the deployment range of existing converter inserts, and consequently also enable converter application outside distribution cabinets. They are available as single and twin cabinets. In the twin version two converter inserts of the same series can be combined as required. A major application of twin versions is the integration of converter inserts in the existing network management. For this purpose, in addition to the functionality module, the cabinet is equipped with a web-based SNMP management module.

The desktop versions have different power supply requirements. In addition to inexpensive versions with externalal power supply, versions with switched internal power supply and wide area input are also available. As an option, the internal power supply can be configurated for redundancy. The powder coated metal cabinets are suitable for deployment even in the roughest of environments. They can also be easily installed on walls by means of an optional wall bracket.

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Gigabit Multi-Mode Extender Rack Module

Gigabit Multi-Mode Extender Rack Module

Gigabit Extender enables Gigabit transmissions via multimode optic fiber of up to two kilometers. MICROSENS expands its Enterprise Access product range by a Gigabit Extender for multimode fiber optic transmissions.

Many existing backbone links are based on multimode fiber optics, enabling transmission distances of up to two kilometers between individual switches and nodes and using standards such as Fast Ethernet, FDDI or ATM. The adverse characteristics of multimode fiber optics, due to mode dispersion, severely limit their use especially with high data volumes in the Gigabit range.

For example, the distance achievable via 50/125 µm multimode fibers in a Gigabit Ethernet in accordance with the 1000Base-SX standard is reduced to 550 meters and via 62.5/125 µm multimode fibers to as little as 275 meters. In order to overcome this, and to enable the use of multimode backbone structures for Gigabit bandwidths, MICROSENS offers a Gigabit Extender for the transmission of Gigabit applications via existing multimode links over distances of up to two kilometers. This enables the easy and cost-effective migration of multimode-based backbones to future Gigabit applications. Existing multimode fibers need not be replaced with single mode fibers. Deployment of the device is not limited to Gigabit Ethernet (1.25 Gbit/s).

Other applications such as Gigabit Fibre Channel (1.0625 Gbit/s) can also be transmitted. The new Gigabit Extender complements the broad range of functionality modules supplied by MICROSENS for installation in modular card systems. In addition to single and dual desktop cabinets, a 19" chassis capable of housing up to 12 inserts is available.

With a multiport chassis the extender can be used in any combination with all other inserts of the same series and, as an option, it can be integrated in existing SNMP or web-based management.

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