Optical Time Delays

Agiltron Optical Time Delays

Agiltron Optical Time Delays

Agiltron provides a full selection of variable time delay solutions covering a wide time delay range from 0.01ps to ms. We produce digitally variable fibre optic delay devices featuring very large range and high resolution with both fibre loops based and dielectric medium based configurations to satisfy various customer requirements. The solid-state dynamic reconfigurable version delivers ultra-fast switching time of ‹0.05 ms and ultra-high reliability well exceeding 100 billion switching cycles. This series of non-mechanical and non-organic devices utilises state-of-the-art materials and technology that is intrinsically stable against temperature fluctuation and wear-out, as well as unique fail-safe latching capability, thereby maintaining their position indefinitely when power is removed. We also offer motorised time delay with exceptional precision and resolution.

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Electrical and Manual Variable Optical Delay Line

Electrical and Manual Variable Optical Delay Line

The Variable Optical Delay Line is designed for controlling the optical path delay precisely. These devices are based on based on our unique optical alignment technology. Manual optical delay lines with model number OEVDL-50​, OEVDL-100 and OEVDL-200​ will provide 25 mm, 50 mm and 100 mm air-path variation, corresponding to optical delays of up to 165 ps, 330 ps, and 650 ps respectively. Corresponding electrical version are available with model numbers OEVDL-50E​, OEVDL-100E​ and OEVDL-200E​. This product is an ideal solution for network equipment, test instrument and lab testing applications.

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Motorised Optical Delay Line - VariDelay

Motorised Optical Delay Line - VariDelay™

General Photonics’ motorised variable optical delay line provides precision optical path length adjustment of up to 560 ps, single-pass. Driven by a DC motor with an integrated encoder, the MDL-002 has a resolution of less than 0.3μm (1 fs). In addition, its advanced motion design guarantees longevity for long-term continuous operation. Low insertion loss and high reliability make this device ideal for integration in optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems, network equipment and test instruments for precision optical path length control or timing alignment. The MDL-002 is available in three configurations:
  • An integrated unit for use as a bench-top instrument for laboratory applications
  • With the optical head and control unit separated for easy incorporation into other equipment
  • An OEM version with a miniature controller board
All three versions can be remote controlled by a PC or a micro-processor through an RS-232 interface. The delay line is available with either single mode or PM fibre pigtails.

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