Active Devices

DPSK and PSK Demodulators Interleavers and Hybrids

DPSK and PSK Demodulators Interleavers and Hybrids

🗗 Optoplex Products For Fibre Sensing Applications

🗗 Optoplex Products for Aerospace Applications

  • Optical DPSK & DQPSK demodulators
  • 90° optical hybrid
  • Optical coherent mixers
  • Optical interleavers
  • Photoreceivers

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Advanced Laser Diode Systems

Advanced Laser Diode Systems

  • Genki picosecond diode lasers (1~100MHz)
  • Katana pulsed picosecond lasers (30ps~10ns)
  • Origami femtosecond lasers (<70fs)
  • PiLas picosecond lasers (20ps~5ns)
  • High power diode lasers (~50W)
  • Ultra-fast detectors (~35GHz)
  • Special optical head delivery systems

BBN International supplies picosecond laser, femtosecond laser, Genki laser, Katana laser, Origami laser, PiLas laser
Fibre Amplifiers and Amplified Sources

Fibre Amplifiers and Amplified Sources

  • EDFAs, PDFAs
  • Gain block and full function
  • Pre-amplifiers and boosters
  • Benchtop and module versions
  • MSA compliant
  • High power EDFAs
  • ASE, SLED and SWB sources

BBN International supplies Opto-Link fibre amplifiers and other amplified sources
Laser Diodes

Laser Diodes

  • Modules and systems
  • Free space and fibre coupled
  • Single and multi-mode
  • Wide range of wavelengths, packages and power

BBN International supplies laser diodes
Optical Monitors

Optical Monitors

  • Optical power, channel, performance and wavelength monitors.
  • Spectrum analyser
  • Components & LCD modules
  • Lightwaves 2020 & Optoplex

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Optical Switches

Optical Switches

🗗 Agiltron Optical Switch Buyers Guide

  • MEMS - silicon micro-machine technology - small, low cost, wide temperature range
  • NanoSpeed - electro-optical technology - nanosecond switching, very wide temperature range
  • CrystaLatch - inorganic magneto-optic crystal technology - high speed, ultra-high reliability
  • LightBend - micro-mechanical technology - wide range of wavelengths, fibres and formats
  • SelfAlign - stepper motor groove self alignment technology - large port counts, low loss, broadband
  • Bidirectional, latching or non-latching, broadband, low loss, components, modules and rack mountable

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Optical Transceivers

Optical Transceivers

  • SMPTE Video & PON transceivers
  • SFP, SFF (2x5 & 2x10), TR (1x9 & 2x9), XFP, GBIC & Xenpack
  • SM, MM (50 & 62.5/125) & plastic fibre
  • SONET, SDH, PDH, Ethernet, Fiber Channel & ATM

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Beogold EDFAs and Sensing Modules for DAS, DVS, DVM, DTS and DWDM

Sensing Modules

With MSA, mini, high power and Raman EDFAs this range of high performance amplifiers have been created with specific distributed sensing applications in mind. They have also been integrated with other technologies for complete DAS, DVS, DTS and DWDM solutions. 

BBN International supplies Beogold EDFAs and Sensing Modules for DAS, DVS, DVM, DTS and DWDM
Signal Conditioning Modules

Signal Conditioning Modules

  • Optical time delays,
  • Polarisation controllers,
  • Tuneable filters
  • Variable optical attenuators

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