Optical Fibre Processing

Lensed Fibres

Lensed Fibres

Perfect for coupling fibre to LD’s and PD’s for various applications such as DFB Lasers, pump lasers or receivers. Our high quality speciality pigtails will improve coupling efficiency, increase product performance, and save you costs. We offer total solution for photonic packaging with our completed fibre to chip assemblies

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WT Technology Micro-Lensed Optical Fibre - BBN International

Micro-Lensed Optical Fibre

Lensed fibre is produced using different fine lens tip shaping techniques.Each micro-lens characterised using:
  • Far optical field and near optical field analysis
  • Return loss
  • Working distance measurements and geometrical measurements
  • Shape of the lens (radius of curvature) - The shape of the lens is controlled in one or both planes to match FWHM of the source - can be set between 3 to 500 um.
Micro-lensed fibre can be characterised at different wavelengths: 405, 677, 860, 980, 1300 -2000 nm. (Far optical field; Optional: Near optical field, working distance scan; back-reflection)

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Miniature OCT Probe

Miniature OCT Probe

Agiltron’s miniature OCT fibre probe is the ideal optical imaging solution offering high resolution and high sensitivity in a miniature format. Based on Agiltron’s patented beam shaping technology, a high quality lens is uniquely formed directly at the fibre tip that focuses to a small beam spot.
The OCT fibre probe features optical efficiency that is more than five times greater than a fibre coupled to a conventional GRIN lens collimator. Agiltron’s fused lens technology eliminates the need for fibre-to-lens alignment and can be made in small diameters compatible with all existing fibres.
Custom-built side-firing probes are also available.

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