RF Optic 20GHz 300us Switchable Optical Delay Line With RS232/Ethernet

20GHz Optical Time Delay Module

20GHz Optical Time Delay Module


  • RF delay accuracy: 0.5%
  • Software: Local and remote through RS-232 or LNA
  • Max. delays: From 10 nsec to 1000 usec
  • Number of states: Up to 255 delays (up to 4096 at special request)
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Option for Doppler Module
  • Radar testing
  • Remote antenna & Radar calibration
  • Electronic warfare and defence applications
  • Telecommunications testing and simulating channel delay
  • Radar for the automotive industry

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Manufacturer: RFOptic

Product Code: ODL-20G

Product SKU: 53839000006941049

Product Description:

Optical Delay Line, fixed, 20GHz