DPSK and PSK Demodulators Interleavers and Hybrids

Optical Interleavers

Optical Interleavers

Standard and asymmetric, switchable, multi-staged and super-wide passband interleavers

BBN International supplies optical interleaver, asymmetric optical interleaver, switchable optical interleaver
Optical Phase Demodulators

Optical Phase Demodulators

🗗 Optoplex Products For Fibre Sensing Applications

🗗 Optoplex Products for Aerospace Applications

  • DPSK, DQPSK demodulators
  • 90-degree optical hybrid
  • 2x4, 2x8 QPSK mixers
  • 2.5G and 10G DPSK demodulators

BBN International supplies optical PSK demodulator, optical DPSK demodulator, optical QPSK mixer, optical DQPSK demodulator