Fibre Termination Components



🗗 Seikoh Giken Connector Buyers Guide

  • SC, ST, MU, LC and FC
  • PC and APC
  • With (plug) and without (housing) ferrules
  • Normal (N-type wide) and reduced (R-type narrow) FC key widths
  • Long and short boots
  • 0.9, 2, 2.4 & 3mm cables
  • Normal and 360° tuning FC connectors

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  • 2.5 & 1.25mm and custom ferrules
  • Zirconia, glass, metal, Invar and custom ferrules
  • Flat, pre-domed and funnelled PC ferrules
  • Flat and pre-angled conical APC ferrules
  • Flat and pre-angled stepped APC ferrules
  • Single and multi-mode fibre

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  • SC, FC, LC & MPO
  • bare fibre & hybrid
  • bulkhead round, rectangular, oval
  • with & without flange

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Fibre Optic Cables

Fibre Optic Cables

  • Outdoor, indoor
  • Metal and non-metallic strength members
  • Single and multi-fibre
  • Armoured and non-armoured
  • Multi-fibre cables

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Fixed In-Line & Plug Type Optical Attenuators for SM, MM & PM

Fixed Attenuators

  • Fixed plug-type & in-line attenuators

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Gold Standard Series Connectors

Gold Standard Series Connectors

The GS Series fibre optic connectors are designed to exceed industry standards while maximising end-user value. Integrating Seikoh Giken’s precision moulding/manufacturing processes guarantee low loss optical performance and consistently high yields. The connectors utilise Seikoh Giken’s globally recognised, injection moulded precision ferrules and feature a pre-assembled, one-piece construction with push-pull coupling. The GS Series optical connectors are available in both single mode and multi-mode ferrule formats and can be ordered with a wide range of strain relief boots for multiple cable formats. Duplex configurations are achieved with a simple, low-cost clip.

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High Power Connectors

High Power Connectors

  • Beam expanded connectors
  • Safety connectors with shutters and interlocks

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Fibre Optic Patch Cords + Ribbon, Mode Conditioning, Master & Hybrid

Optical Patch Cords

  • Single mode
  • Multi-mode
  • V-groove array
  • Polarisation maintaining
  • Hybrid
  • Pigtails
  • Ribbon
  • Mode conditioning
  • Armoured cables
  • Launch leads
  • Master jumpers
  • Short wavelength
  • RGB

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Splice On Connectors

Splice On Connectors

  • Field termination with epoxy or polishing required
  • Applicable for high reliability

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