High Power Shutters and Safety Interlocks

High Power Shutters and Safety Interlocks

High Power Shutters and Safety Interlocks


  • Multiple Watt CW power handling
  • Shutter speeds of < 5 msec
  • Controlled via a 5 Volt TTL Signal
  • Available with temperature and connector proximity sensors for safety interlocks
  • Compatible with SMA 905 and FC connectors, including high power air gap style connectors
  • Available in laser-to-fibre and fibre-to-fibre versions
  • Fibre connector and receptacles with safety sensor/interlocks available
  • Proximity sensor uses inexpensive, simple concept
  • Easily adapted to existing fibre optic product lines
  • Suitable for custom design into customer's fibre optic products
  • All situations involving laser beams, including high power laser beams coupled into single mode or multi-mode fibres
  • Any laser facility requiring compliance to regulatory laser safety standards
  • High power Industrial laser applications - Laser marking, cutting, welding
  • Lasers used in medical applications - laser scalpel, eye surgery, tattoo removal
  • High power laser physics
  • High power spectroscopy
  • OEM laser systems

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Manufacturer: OZ Optics

Product Code: HPCR-

Product SKU: 53839000005524269

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Optical Connector, high power, safety