Seikoh Giken LC Adaptors

Seikoh Giken LC Adaptors

Seikoh Giken LC Adaptors


  • Complies with IEC 61754-20, TIA/EIA-604-10-A and JIS C 5964-20
  • Integrated solid body design for significant improvement in strength and durability over conventional design (SLCFP-2A1, SLCFP-2AN1, SLCFP-2A4, SLCFP-2AN4)
  • Precision Zirconia Slit sleeve
  • High-dense type with Flange available also (SLCFP-2A4, SLCFP-2AN4, SLCFP-4A4, SLCFP-4AN4)
  • SLCFP series also available with internal metal shutter to shield light for safe

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Manufacturer: Seikoh Giken

Product Code: SLC

Product SKU: 53839000003081039

Product Description:

Optical Adaptor, LC-LC